Is there a fix to the Android version?

Well I bought symphony a few years ago in humble bundle so I got PC version + the Android one. However last time I could ever play it on Android was in kit Kat after I update to lollypop the game crashed and in every new version of Android. Today I tried to play it again in Oreo and it crashed but for the first time a short of error message “the game can not run at this resolution” . So I wonder. Is there any fix after all this time?

Hi! I think you are the same person who posted on Steam, but just in case, here is my answer on Android. Thanks again!

We’re currently working on some upgrades and are evaluating what will be put on each platform and when. I’d like to be able to give you a more precise answer, but given the resources available and what we have on our plate it’s a bit hard right now. So the best answer I can give is that we plan on getting 7..+ support going, but cannot give a firm date, so you may want to move on to other products in the meantime and we hope you will enjoy Symphony when the updates do come online.


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That was probably me on steam heh